Although the process by which products were chosen to be included is never adequately explained, once the last page has turned, readers will be left with few doubts about how the products included were brought to fruition. While I can't say that seeing Tomas Gabzdil Libertini's Amphora (made in part by bees) is likely to have any impact on most designer's process, I also have to admit that it's pretty darn cool. More important lessons can be gleaned not from the molds and objects that are the subjects of most of the photographs but from the background. Nearly every shot reveals a hand, a tool, a person or a whole team out of focus or reaching into frame. For students in design school, it should be heartening to see that in practice, real design is a team effort, and the long and lonely hours spent completing projects in the studio will likely lead to many fondly remembered days with friends and collaborators in the future.

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